Forget making assumptions about what’s working. We’ll use powerful statistical and social analytics to identify correlations between what makes your content sing or fall flat.   

Simply using averages and speculating about cause-and-effect relationships are not accurate methods for determining a content strategy. It’s imperative to pinpoint what characteristics are acting as dependent and independent variables that positively and negatively influence your key performance indicators.

If you want good answers, you have to ask the right questions.

The beauty of our methodology is that it's completely customizable and the results will yield answers to specific questions about your content. As thought-starters, here are some example's of clients' questions:

  • How strongly can we push our product without turning off our audience? The answer identified the exact tipping point for the number of product mentions and the amount of time a product is shown on screen before it started negatively affecting KPI.
  • How much does using a digital influencer affect our KPI's compared to content without an influencer? The answer helped determine the future budget for digital influencers, rather than reallocating those dollars toward other content creation tactics.
  • How does our highly scripted/produced content compare to more improvised content? The result helped determine the clients' production budgets moving forward.
  • Does using slang or humor affect our KPI? The results help define the company's voice and most effective online presence.
  • Does the number of times the spokesperson smiled correlate with positive KPI's? The answer helped determine the company's online persona.

How to determine the variables for evaluation

Our team of experts with backgrounds in marketing, sociology, and psychology work closely with our clients to review existing content in native advertising campaigns and determine the characteristics most likely to affect the KPI's. We recommend that organizations running multiple campaigns choose variables across campaigns to determine which are most effective.

Interested in learning more about how identifying the right variables can help your content strategy?  Contact us today for a free consultation.