How a Plastic Water Bottle Can Help Your ROI

When I was doing my PhD work, I was walking across campus with a friend when he gave a homeless man a bottle of water. The homeless man said, “Thanks for the water… and the bottle!”  That moment sticks with me, because most of us would view the plastic bottle as disposable, just something to hold the drinking water.

The take-away: While there’s no doubt that water is essential to life, let’s not overlook the importance of what contains it - the very thing that gives it shape, structure and cohesion.

The same rule applies to data generated by digital content.  Digital content is essential to the life of your business.  Once the initial KPIs of a digital campaign are measured and the initial reaction to the clicks, views and shares are noted, the data accumulated throughout the process should not be deemed useless.  When viewed as a resource rather than a by-product, the growing treasure-trove of data generated by digital content can reveal incredible insights that can be leveraged to increase ROI.


Measuring KPIs, Mining Insights


There’s a huge difference between measuring basic key performance indicators and mining data for insights. 

While a valuable metric, KPIs alone do not provide insight on why, or how to duplicate success or avoid failure.  Once the ever-growing cache of data is viewed as a resource rather than a by-product, a valuable step will be added to the content creation process. 

This is not just a shift in work flow – it is a shift in mentality.  Content creators are constantly under pressure to produce the next great campaign, and make assumptions about what works.  Personal biases, rules of thumb and best practices are valuable, but there are always exceptions to the rule. And there is infinitely more value in discovering what’s specifically working for your brand.


Find Your Water Bottle

Mining your data for insights will help you discover what specific elements can give your digital content the structure, support and practical guidance needed for success. 

By finding correlations between your KPIs and the elements that make your content succeed or fail will empower you to plan, implement and measure content more effectively. 

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