Results aren't answers.
Find out why.

Take the guesswork out of creating great content.

Every effective digital advertising campaign starts with good content. But what makes content great?

Discovering what makes good content great empowers brands to refine campaigns and deliver results. Brightside Data uses powerful statistical tools and social analysis to identify which aspects of your content move the needle. Interpreting results and creating a feedback loop provides insight into content performance, empowering brands to refine their strategy and adapt to a changing digital marketplace. 

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The importance of creating a feedback loop.

Feedback loops apply learnings from the end of a cycle to the beginning of the process, so it is refined during every rotation.  By incorporating a feedback loop into your content creation and digital advertising process, you’re elevating your campaign from good to great.  Feedback loops feed innovation, and act as a catalyst for creating new, better, more effective content.

When establishing a feedback loop, it is important to know the difference between actionable feedback and results. Results measure performance and include metrics such as click through rates and engagement. Actionable results identify what is specifically influencing the KPIs in a positive and negative way, and that knowledge may be applied to the beginning of the next content creation process.

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It’s not enough to know that certain types of content perform well; it’s important to delve into why. Case studies, best practices and rules of thumb are useful when it comes to content creation, but nothing compares to definitive answers about your specific content based on real data.  The team of experts at Brightside have backgrounds in marketing, sociology, psychology, and PhD-level statistics, and we take deep dives into the data to find answers.

Refine content strategy and tactics.

Our primary goal is to identify the factors in your content that positively and negatively influence your key performance indicators. Our team of experts work closely with each client to identify potential variables, and we isolate correlations and ultimately provide actionable results to help refine content creation strategies. Our techniques couple content analysis with complex statistical modeling of native ad results, and are designed to isolate variables and provide clear, actionable data you need to refine your content creation strategy.

Refine budget allocation.

Many brands wrestle with determining the volume of content to create and promote, and how much of the budget should be spent on producing versus promoting the content. Insights from our analysis can help. Our PhD-level statisticians can identify the tipping point where native ads achieved the greatest economies of scale, which helps determine – dollar for dollar – where content marketing dollars are best spent. This information can be used to maximize efficiency and avoid overspending on assets when those dollars could be better utilized to create fresh content, or to re-introduce older assets in your existing content library that have already proven successful.

Go beyond best guesses.

When it comes down to the specific tactics of content creation, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. What works for a consumer brand does not apply to a business-to-business brand. What worked for a competitor may not make sense for your brand; the list goes on. To ensure your digital advertising campaign is operating at the highest efficiency possible given the data available, discover what is working for your brand and what you need more (and less) of in your campaigns moving forward.

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